Review of Pastoral Care System at RBIA School

Redbridge international school has successfully developed a pastoral policy which helps students attain academic excellence, understand how emotional experiences can be managed, and adjust to their environment.

Redbridge Academy Reviews Pastoral Care Features

RBIA School offers pastoral care to its regular and weekly boarders. Redbridge international school reviews show that their team of experienced counselors performactive monitoring for all the students studying in all grades.In this review let us now check the pastoral system RBIA has for primary and senior school.

Pastoral System – Primary School

In pastoral system for primary school, the teachers play the role of maintaining discipline and they are also take steps to enhance emotional as well as psychological well being of students.

Counselors also mentor teacher of primary school so that it becomes easier for teachers to understand needs to students.

Pastoral System – Senior School

At RBIA School, there are 4 houses into which students as well as faculty are divided and each of the houses consists of an house master or mistress. This house master or mistress gets the responsibility of implementing pastoral system in his or her respective house. In addition, every teacher is a tutor for his or her house and has to take responsibility of managing group of students who are assigned to them.

The other responsibilities that resident tutors have to take care of are supervision of study hours and meals for students, manage weekend activities, and offer academic support.


Redbridge international School Reviews Benefits of IGCSE Curriculum


If you are planning to select IGCSE curriculum for your kid then first thing to do will be to know how this curriculum will be beneficial for your child. We will review all the features of IGCSE curriculum in this school review.

Features of IGCSE Curriculum

Developed 25 years back, it is a trusted curriculum for schools around the world. The good thing about this curriculum is that it focuses on developing communication skills, problem solving and investigative skills as well as cognitive ability in kids.

Another important aspect of IGCSE curriculum is that it offers more than seventy subjects that students can choose from. As per Redbridge International school reviews, students should pursue IGCSE curriculum since it works as a foundation for courses at the higher level such as IB diploma, A and AS levels and the qualification is also recognized by well-known institutions like Universities and Colleges Admission Service – UK.

Benefits of IGCSE Curriculum

It has gained recognition from colleges and universities all around the world.

According to Redbridge Academy reviews, it offers greater study options and career choices.

Cambridge Check Point is a type of diagnostic service that students can opt for when they are studying IGCSE course. As per Redbridge International Academy Bangalore, the benefit of this service is that students can utilize the service to select the right subjects as well as level of study. In addition, students can also sit for the examination as per discretion instead of the pre-decided examination schedule.


Redbridge International Academy Reviews ICSE Curriculum

There are multiple reasons behind popularity of ICSE curriculum and in this Redbridge International Academy review we will look at these reasons at greater depth.

RBIA school Review Bangalore of ICSE Curriculum

The good thing about ICSE curriculum is that it consists of 2 components;

First one is the internal assessment one which comprises of 20% marks as project work and rest 80% as final examination.

As per Redbridge International Academy Bangalore, the good thing about ICSE curriculum is that it makes sure everyone gets general education by making it compulsory for everyone to select up to 7 subjects. In addition, there are multiple combinations of subjects that students can select from.

More about ICSE Curriculum

According to Redbridge International school reviews ICSE curriculum according to the recommendations provided by the New Education Policy 1986. Normally, students have to qualify in All India Board Examination when they complete 10th grade.

Most parents prefer to admit their kids to Redbridge International Academy since it is one of the very few schools in Bangalore that has received ICSE affiliation from Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and their school code is KA290.

Subject Choices

Let us look at the available subjects:

In ICSE there are compulsory subjects, science stream, commerce stream subjects, and other additional subjects such as computer, economic, commercial, environmental applications, and physical education.


Boarding facilities available at Redbridge International Academy?

What are the boarding facilities available at Redbridge International Academy? Let us look at the details in the following sections.

Facilities at Boarding Schools in Bangalore

Hostel Facilities

The good thing about Redbridge International Academy Review Bangalore is that here all the hostel facilities are ingeniously designed, well lit, and spacious. The rooms are such that they can accommodate 3 students in each of the rooms. High level of security is maintained in hostels on a round the clock basis. Security personnel make sure that without required permission no one leaves or enters the hostel premise.


RBIA school Review Bangalore strives to offer healthy and fresh food to its students. The well equipped kitchen and experienced staff ensure that the food prepared is hygienic and at the same time wholesome. The cafeteria is also the place where we help students learn social etiquette and mannerism.

Weekend Activities

Redbridge International school reviews the schedule that boarders should have during weekends and actively implements it. As such, boarders get the opportunity to enjoy different sporting activities and can also take part in co-curricular activities like dance, music, pottery, arts, etc. that are supervised by resident faculty of Redbridge International Academy Bangalore. Additionally, the boarders are free to go for cinema, or visit malls or amusement parks.


Review of Campus Facilities at Redbridge International Academy


The popularity of Redbridge International Academy as top ICSE and IGCSE School in Bangalore stems from the fact that the school boasts of splendid campus facilities. In this school review we will look at some of the wonderful campus facilities the school offers.

Campus Facilities at Redbridge International Academy Review

The campus is spread over thirteen acres of land and is well-planned to have plenty of open spaces, spacious class rooms, and natural lighting. During our RBIA school review we also found that the school comprises of state of the art labs for chemistry, physics, and biology that meet international standards.

Some of the other campus facilities worth mentioning are:

  1. Dance and drama studio
  2. Language labs
  3. Computer lab
  4. Language labs
  5. Robotics lab
  6. Indoor and outdoor sports arena for sports activities such as basketball, skating, yoga, football, etc.

RBIA School Bangalore has ensured that campus is fully safe for kids. Few of the safety features implemented within the campus include:

CCTV cameras continuously monitor the activities in all the classrooms.

For safety within the school there are adequate numbers of security staff.

Redbridge International School Bangalore makes it necessary for students and staff to wear ID Cards at all times when they are within the school campus.

Silent generators ensure there is power back up in the school at all times.


Redbridge International School Reviews Facilities Schools Should Have

Redbridge International School Reviews Facilities Schools Should Have

Before admitting your child to any international school, you need to check the facilities that school offers. This is due to the fact that performance of your child will get negatively affected if school is not providing the right facilities. Redbridge international school reviews important facilities that should be present in ICSE schools.

Facilities That Should be Present in an International School


As per Redbridge International Academy Bangalore, the good thing about sports is that it facilitates growth of children and as such, you must check whether school is providing good sports facilities.

During your school visit if you find that the school lacks playgrounds as well as sports facilities, then it will be better to find some other school in Bangalore.


According to Redbridge International School reviews Bangalore should have good washrooms. Moreover, the washrooms should be adequate for total number of students studying in school. Lastly, teachers and students should have separate washrooms.


Redbridge School reviews Bangalore shows that one of the crucial facilities to examine would be right seating, appropriate ventilation, and right amount of lighting. This way, students will be able to concentrate properly and will not complain about pain in eyes or other disturbances.


Role of Education in Lifelong Learning – A Redbridge International Academy

download (2).jpg

How lifelong learning is important? Why quality of education matters? What can be done to make sure every kid gets the opportunity to get educated? In this Redbridge International Academy review, we will explore answers for these questions.

How to improve quality of education?

Learning That Continues for Life

Good education received at top schools in Bannerghatta Road in early life when a kid is still growing and developing helps in creating good foundation for the kid in literacy and numeracy. When a kid has strong grasp over these aspects, it aids lifelong learning.

Moreover, adolescence is the age when children grasp and learn things better, but the concerning thing is that many teenagers stop going to school at that age. According to RBIA School Bangalore, such children should get the opportunity to get non-formal education so that they can learn new skills.

Education and Its Quality

As per top international schools in Bangalore, quality of education improves when learning includes other aspects apart from the traditional and usual mediums of education. Thus, schools should aim to judge learning gains made by pupils for analyzing quality of education.

Learning That is Open for Everyone

Learning system implemented by IGCSE schools in Bangalore should give everyone the opportunity to learn. According to school reviews, schools should reduce the entry barriers so that everyone gets the chance to get educated.